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Learn how to catch bass every time you go out
Learn how to catch more and bigger bass
Featuring info on unique techniques and lures. How to use them and where to get them
This is the most comprehensive series ever written on bass fishing
This is a guaranteed proven system
From an Author who has published 300 articles on the topic of bass fishing
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Bass Fishing Armageddon series: The final word you will need on improving your Bass Fishing
If you are a serious bass angler and want to improve your skills and ultimately your success, you will be interested in my E Book series. I have been writing bass fishing related articles for years and currently write for the top three bass fishing sites on the internet. I've published over 300 articles and have given seminars alongside of Larry Nixon and Jimmy Houston. I base all of my writing on MY on the water experience and my E Books are written in a comprehensive, easy to understand manner. Best of all, I offer two things that nobody else does upon purchase of my books, 1- I guarantee that if you read them, you will become a more efficient angler, 2-I give you my personal email so you can contact me directly for both fishing tips and any fishing related questions you may have. Nobody in the industry does that. 

We've all seen those other books and eBooks that claim they will show you how to catch 10lb bass everytime you make a cast. Why aren't those guys winning the Pro tournaments?? The answer is because they are salesmen, not fishermen. Listen, I can't guaranteee you a 10 pound bass on every cast but what I can promise you is that I will show you a way to become extremely consistent in your fishing which will lead to your dramatic improvement overall. The reason we fish is to go out and catch fish above all other reasons. Let me show you how to do that in my Bass Fishing Armageddon Series. Here I've broken my fishing down into small steps that are easy to follow.

I'm a bass fisherman, I've spent years of time on the water and I've fished 250+ days a year on average for a 10 year period, learning by being out there. More importantly, I've made a good living guiding clients to successful bass fishing trips and that is the ultimate test to being consistent. I hold the ability to find fish on a consistent basis year round as being much more impressive than what an overpaid Professional angler does for two days in a tournament. These E books contain my approaches to various methods in total depth. I do not leave any stone unturned. From recommending gear to getting on the water, if you have any question as to how to go about a specific technique, these E Books will have you fishing like a veteran in no time, my guarantee to you is that if you follow the advice and implement the ideas, you will absolutely increase your bass fishing success. 

To be an efficient angler, I believe that you must be versatile and well rounded. You must be able to adapt to ever changing variables to stay in the action. As a writer and teacher on the subject of bass fishing, I am amazed at how so many anglers are lacking confidence in technique specific methods, like fishing a jig n pig or a spinnerbait. I can help you with all of that. From breaking down the lure and explaining how, why, when and where you should use it, to specific retrieves and applications based on time of year, to providing you with resources for locating the top lures on the market that you likely never heard about. Trust me, these links are for some top secret custom stuff that your competition doesn't even know exists. I promise that my E Book series will help you become a more well rounded angler. What you get is a well written tutorial that gives you step by step instructions on how to improve your bass fishing. It is cut and dry and to the point. Read the book, follow the instructions, implement the idea, experience success. It is that easy.

Are you a tournament angler or a light tackle fisherman? I can help you out with unique approaches to both styles that will help you catch more fish and be more effective. Each E Book is a bargain and is loaded with relavant information to help you become a better angler. My commitment is to helping make you a better angler and this is a perfect way to improve upon your skill. I will give you the low down on what works and what you should avoid when picking out gear. I'll give you inside industry knowledge about new baits that aren't in the public eye, how to get them and how to use them. I'll also let you know about custom made equipment that many anglers are starting to rely on to blow the doors off their competition. 

Click on these titles to see details about the corresponding eBooks:

Bass Fishing Armageddon 48.99 CD-ROM

Hand Pourer's Bible 38.99

Systematic Approach to Seasonal Bass Fishing- 19.95

Winning Tournament Strategies 19.95
Light Tackle Bass Fishing Bible 34.99

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