New for Winter 2014: Light Tackle Bass Fishing Bible
A brand new ebook with detailed information on how I prefer to fish on a daily basis. Every new finesse technique revealed. Tips and tricks to max your catch. 200+ pages of brand new material from the most concise and in depth author to ever write about the sport of Bass fishing! 
All the latest finesse techniques, all the latest JDM baits, all the latest rigs- defined and explained in great detail
How to fish current, clear water, extreme heat, extreme's all covered
200+ page CD ROM at an introductory price of 34.99
No other author writes as detailed about bass fishing as I do. I have nothing to sell you, this is not an infomercial for sponsors and affiliates. This is pure 100% unadulterated real world information 
I guarantee you will catch more bass after reading this book and implementing its information
I average between 30 and 100 fish every day, in every season out on my waters, find out the secrets I am using to unlock your potential on the waters that you fish