Jason V with another citation smallie that fell victim to an El Gordo tube
Business as usual for Staffer Tommy Kail
Mike G took this slob on an El Gordo tube
Pete the Chin with a horse of a bass. Pete's quite fond of our Hailey's Komet Spinnerbaits
Tommy making it look easy with 2 gorgeous bass he took on a Grass Jig
Mark G has the look of a pro with this chunk taken on a Grass jig and Muscle Craw combo
Nobody catches bigger smallmouth than Noel Good. glad he's on our Staff!
Pete with a sweet mixed bag caught on our spinnerbaits
Looking handsome for a Kistler photo op, this nice chunk was jigged up on a triple black Grass Jig
Scotty R with a nice Platypus bass
Here is the infamous 20" yellow perch that hit a hair jig spin combo
Jig N Pig Bass
This monster bass took a 3" SD
This slob largemouth swallowed a 4.2" Patypus HP
Another decent Florida Bass
This is what a 10lb bass looks like! Courtesy of Micro Munch Tackle
OK, my 4 year old took this photo but there is enough there to show this is a horse.