Hand Pourer's Bible
if you are interested in learning all there is to know about hand pouring, you've come to the right place. I've owned and operated a successful hand pour business for over 10 years. My work has become the standard of quality and rivals the best that the West Coast Pourer's can produce. The only reason for longevity in this business is the ability to produce superior quality baits that catch fish. Come join me and let me help you in your quest to pour successful baits. Once you start catching fish on your own creations, you will never buy another bag of store bought baits again.

Hand Pourers Bible consists of Hand Pouring 101, 102 and the unreleased 103.

I've written more than 300 articles, I've publshed 15 eBooks on Bass Fishing, I've had experience guiding clients and I've had an amazing run as a winning tournament angler. I know how to teach people to make baits and catch more fish. This eBook is an intricate and in depth How To book that will show you every facet of hand pouring! If you are even the least bit curious about pouring your own baits, you owe it to yourself to make the right investment to get you started. The Bible is it!

This book is a complete anthology of soft plastic hand pouring and is absolutely the authority on the subject. There are no other sources of published hand pouring information available to the hoobyist or manufacturer.

101 introduces you to the hobby and helps you pick out the products you will need to get started. It will prevent you from making the common mistakes that many people do when just starting out. You will learn the basic methods of pouring.

102 takes the difficulty level up a few notches as you will learn the secret to pouring two tone baits, bloodlines, double bloodlines, firetails, laminates and more. there are several tutorials complete with photos. I'll show you how to build a silicone mold and how to make a swimbait that will rival the best of the California baits. There is also a little business savvy included to show you the finer points of operating your own hand pour shop.

103 includes the fine tuned approach to making your baits look like artwork. From special tweaks to hand painting baits, this volume shows how to put unique finishing touches on your baits that will generate more strikes.

There is not a more comprehensive book written on handpouring. This is surely the authority from a successful hand pour company operator. Take the guesswork out of this fun, exciting and addicting hobby. Start your own business. My new Ebook Hand Pourer's Bible is the perfect how to that will walk you through the steps to becoming an advanced bait maker. With this tutorial, you will side step all of the mistakes that beginners and some experienced hand pourers make. You will get a walkthrough to making your own molds, step by step instruction on how to pour baits, a new color recipe guide that will have you pouring difficult colors like the pro's in no time. There are tips and secrets listed in this book that will have industry pourers upset that they have been revealed. This eBook comes complete with a recipe guide that will show you how to make all of those hot colors. This edition of the Hand Pourers Bible is over 110 pages in length.

I've put the last ten years of my career into this book so you don't have to make the mistakes and can get right into making high quality baits. Whether you are in it for fun or profit, this book is a must have.

This ebook is downloadable in PDF format to all PC and Mac computers.

Pourer's Bible
Hand Pourer's Bible is only 38.99