Long before the Bitsy's and the Eakins, there was the Micro Munch Jig. This bait was born out of necessity to get a smaller bait into places that no other angler would throw them to exploit unmolested bass. The jig has evolved slightly over its 15yr life because we upgrade the components to keep it 5 steps ahead of the rest of the pack. No other finesse jig uses a thin wire needle point hook like we do. None of them. So you can be sure you are getting the highest quality jig on the market when you choose Micro Munch Tackle. A finesse jig is supposed to be light weight and compact, it is 1/8oz and not a 7/16oz (that's almost a 1/2oz) monster that you commonly see with a short skirt. That is not made for finesse fishing. Our jigs are true finesse from the premier finesse bait company.
The Original Micro Munch Jig
*Simple is better

*Powder Painted Head

*Needle Point Hook

*Braided wire weed guard

*Buzz cut skirt

*proven deadly colors

The first, the finest, the Original Micro Munch Jig!

$2.99 each

​Green Pumpkin black flake                                                       Black                                                                                    CrawGill
Bruiser                                                                                    Blue Craw                                                                          PB&J                       also available in Black/Blue
Jig Chunks Slim or Chubby, 8 per bag, Black or Green Pumpkin only 4.00
Jig chunks sold separately below