Winning Tournament Strategies eBook
Are you a dedicated bass tournament angler who shows up every Sunday but just can't seem to put together a winning bag? Are you tired of reading all the latest tips in the magazines knowing your competition is reading the same articles as you are. Do you want to have the best possible chance at getting a limit everytime out on the water?  I have a solution for you that will absolutely stack the deck in your favor.

Let me show you how to gain an advantage over your competition. I've fished with several different clubs in the past 7 years. I have competed in close to 75 tournaments, winning over 45 of them out right. I've finished in the top 5 for an amazing 70 tournaments. These are some of the other achievements I've compiled in that time: 4 time Club MVP, 3 Classic Championships, 2 Mr. Bass Awards, 5 Angler of the Year titles. Throughout all of these events I brought in a limit almost everytime out, even in the worst possible conditions. Let me show you how you can easily outsmart your competition.
I've written and published over 300 bass fishing related articles in the past 7 years. I own my own bait company that specializes in hand poured soft plastics, tubes and jigs. I've fished competitively for many years and I've consistently finished head and shoulders above my competition based on my bass fishing experience and preparation. Let me show you the best baits and how you can get more out of the baits in your tacklebox.

Winning Tournament Strategies explains my winning two pronged approach to successful tournament fishing. Not only will I show you what I rely on out on the water but I'll show you how to put together a formidable gameplan that will keep the average tournament competitor in your rear view mirror for good. I will highlight several methods that will help you get your limit of keepers everytime out and then a few proven methods for increasing the size of your fish. The information flow doesn't end there as I will also show you the correct way to prepare for upcoming tournaments. From mental preparation to bait selection and locating bass, I've got you covered!

If you are looking to rejuvennate yourself by putting the fun back in your tournament fishing or you simply want to kick some butt, Winning Tournament Strategies is full of tested and proven information that will make you a threat everytime you fish competitively. Be the guy that everyone is worrying about at the weigh in. By following my instruction and implementing the ideas, you can!

My promise to you is that this eBook is the most comprehensive source for usable information on how to improve your success in competitive fishing. This is the Authority on the subject.
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Winning Tournament Strategies eBook