This huge seven pound Largemouth fell for a Copper Kamo MMJ and was released alive after the photo.
Spencer with a fat Largemouth caught on a Black/Chart Micro-Munch jig

This solid Largemouth was taken on a Junebug MMJ
Spencer with a solid bass he took on a Black/Brown MMJ
Craig landed this beautiful Largemouth on a Craig's Magic 4.2" Platypus HP.

Front view of a 6lb bass and the Pumpkinseed MMJ that fooled it
Craig with a nice bass that hit a Hailey's Komet spinnerbait in the middle of a thunderstorm
This Largemouth weighed in at 8lbs 3oz. Notice the Green Pumpkin1/16oz MMJ in its mouth. I was alone when I caught this brute
Craig caught this 5.34lb largemouth during an EEBA tournament and took first place that day, This event locked up Angler of The Year for him as well.
Craig caught this horse on a Salty Stinker SD prototype Worm to anchor his first place bag on Upper Mills 2003.
John took this beautiful 7.28lb Florida Peacock bass on a 1/16oz Firetiger MMJ
This bass weighed a shade under 6lbs and gobbled a blk/blue/purple MMJ
Craig took this 5lb+ bass on a Triple Black Grass Jig
Here are a pair of really nice bass caught on RoadKill Tubes
This brute couldn't let a Roadkill SD get by without taking a swipe
More Photos
Braggin Board
I took this bass on a Triple Black Grass Jig and Muscle Craw chunk.
Another chunk on a Platypus HP
My new ride, a 2006 G3 Eagle 175 with a 60 HP Yamaha  4 Stroke
The day before my birthday, March 11. I'm catching bass while the boys back home are shoveling snow, I love it
This Florida Toad nailed a Watermelon Armageddon ToadZilla on the Rainbow River
10lb 3oz Bass caught on a MMT Grass Jig
This nice Florida bass hit a 4" Shadzilla swimbait. 3-11-08