Bass Fishing Armageddon-The Ultimate Authority on Bass Fishing CD-ROM
The last bass fishing how to book you will ever need to buy
Are you tired of reading information written by Pro Anglers who are often just trying to sell their sponsors products or reminscing about their glory days? Do you want the latest information to help keep you a step ahead of your competition? BASS FISHING ARMAGEDDON can show you how.

Most magazine articles are submitted 12 to 14 months before they are actually published. So the info you read today, was actually last years news.

BASS FISHING ARMAGEDDON is well over 500 pages in length. This is the world's most complete bass fishing work and features information and tactics about every lure on the market. There is no stone left unturned. This is the authority on bass fishing. Nobody has ever presented a more complete, useful bass fishing book ever.

I've written over 300 articles for various publications, I've been featured in books, magazines and newspapers. I've guest hosted several bass fishing tv shows, I've won an unGodly amount of tournaments, I've guided clients to success, I'm a member of the 10+lbers club and I am one of the most resepected custom bait makers in the industry. I've figured out ways to outsmart the fish and my competition on a consistent basis. If you want to become a better bass angler, you simply must read Bass Fishing Armageddon. It is that simple. I've made a career of thinking outside the bass fishing box and I've applied it to my fishing. The results have been incredible.

Besides a literal boat load of information, I offer you two things that no other author has the ability to do-
1- I guarantee you will increase your catch ratio. Read, and implement my tactics and you will catch more fish. It is that simple and that direct. It is guaranteed.
2- I give all of my customers an open line of communication with me. You have a question? Fire away, I'll get you an answer via email or even by phone.
The proof is in the hardware, I can show you how to achieve results like this
Whether you want to win tournaments or catch larger fish, increase your catch ratio or just have more fun out on the water, BASS FISHING ARMAGEDDON will show you how to do all of these things more intelligently.

We cover not only methods and tactics but we also have a complete system for finding bass throughout the year in all types of different waters. I'll walk you through light tackle finesse fishing all the way to specifically targetting bigger fish. Like I said, nothing is left uncovered here. This book is over 500 pages in length. Its sheer size provides so much useful information.

Table Of Contents:

Introduction                                                                page 1
Getting Acquainted with Light Tackle                                    12
Gearing Up for Light Tackle Bass Fishing                              35
Terminal Tackle: The Direct Link to Bass, no skimping here    61
Scents, Rattles, Color and Weight, does it really matter?      83
Approach and Mechanics and the mental aspect of fishing     101
Jigs and Spinners                                       132
Rigging Soft Plastics                                                         196
Crank Baits                                                         326
A Systematic Seasonal Approach to Bass Fishing                398
Big Bass, Light Tackle
A Complete system for Catching Bigger Fish on Smaller Gear458
Tournament Fishing Strategies with Light Line 477
Light line in action: Tournament Fishing                                `483
Fun Fishing     489
How to practice catch and release  494
Glossary                                                                                    506

You'll notice our sections on baits and tactics is almost 300pages long. That is a tremendous amount of information and that is basically double the size of 2 complete books that you would find in the book store. At over 500 pages, BASS FISHING ARMAGEDDON is the last bass fishing "How TO" you will ever need to buy. I'm positive of that.
This is not just another book that covers light tackle or heavy tackle, it covers successful fishing systems that utilize all different methods to capitalize on the strengths of all anglers. If you are not comfortable fishing a certain way, rest assured that BASS FISHING ARMAGEDDON will explain how you can become more proficient in new fishing ways. I've written a ton of other works before, BASS FISHING ARMAGEDDON actually excites me because it is literally foolproof. Read, implement, achieve succes. It is that simple.
BASS FISHING ARMAGEDDON will show you how to catch fish like this.
This is the last Bass Fishing book you will ever need to buy
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